Pesticide training

Pesticide training (PST)


Pesticide training

Pesticides have many benefits, including helping to make sure we have enough good-quality, reasonably priced food; make sure we have clean urban environments and good transport networks and they control invasive species.
However using pesticides incorrectly can put people and the environment at risk. If you use pesticides when you don’t need to you will be wasting money and increasing the possibility of pests becoming resistant. The Government believes that we can best reduce the risk of damaging effects from pesticides through a range of legal and voluntary controls.
By law, everyone who uses pesticides professionally must have received adequate training in using pesticides and be skilled in the job they are carrying out.

This applies to:
• Users, operators and technicians
• Managers
• Employers
• Self-employed people
• People who give instruction to others on how to use pesticides.

You will also need a certificate of competence if you supply, store or use ‘agricultural pesticides’. These Lantra Awards training courses in pesticides are designed to prepare candidates for assessment in Lantra Awards Certificate of Competence. Lantra Awards Certificates of Competence in pesticides are legally required qualifications by The Control of Pesticides Regulations for any one applying pesticides on a commercial basis. These qualifications are considered as “licences to practice” for pesticides. Attendance of these courses will attract NRoSO CPD points.

Safe Use of Pesticides (PA1)

This course is pre-requisite to all other Pesticides courses. This course provides learners with an opportunity:
• To understand what pesticides are, and their ‘field of use’
• To understand their duties by law to help them become a safe and competent pesticide user
• To take the appropriate action to protect themselves and the environment

Hand Held Applicators (PA6)

These courses provide learners with an opportunity:
• To see how hand held applicators work
• To identify and select nozzles for applications
• To achieve the required spray quality
• To calibrate an applicator
• To mix and fill the applicator safely

Boom Sprayer Operations (PA2)

These courses provides learners with an opportunity:
• To see how vehicle mounted spraying equipment works
• To prepare and set up vehicle mounted / trailed spraying machines
• To select and use the correct nozzles


Duration of each Course:

Safe use of pesticides (PA1) - 1 day training including assessment

Hand held applicator (PA6) - 1 day training (with an additional 2 hour assessment on seperate day)

Boom Sprayer (PA2) - 1 day training (with an additional 2 hour assessment on a seperate day)


Course Dates:

Lantra Awards Safe use of Pesticides (PA1) + Assessment             Monday 6th February 2017 

Lantra Awards Hand Held Applicator (PA6)                                      Wednesday 15th February 2017 (Assessment on 20th - 21st February 2017) 


Lantra Awards assessment for the above courses will take place shortly after training on a different day, except for the 'safe use of pesticides (PA1)' assessment which will take place on the same day of the training

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