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World host has a proved track record in successfully preparing frontline staff to offer the highest levels of customer service, the programme is an essential tool for businesses seeking to protect their bottom line and improve their customer retention rates. It is one of the most effective customer– service training courses available for front- line staff in tourism, hospitality, leisure, passenger transport and other service-centred business worldwide.

World Host provides a quality- assured level of service recognition, it is flexible in delivery and it can be customised for your organisation and industry. The training that you receive is dynamic and is supported by excellent resources and practical guidelines and the training is provided by professional trainers.

World Host comprise of a series of two customer service programmes that have been developed specifically for Northern Ireland, completing these courses can lead to a level-two vocationally relevant qualification.

Principals of customer service:

Participants in this full day course will gain invaluable skills and techniques that form the fundamentals of service professionalism. They will be encouraged to take pride in what they do and the area of Northern Ireland in which c they live and work.

Course content:

·         Welcoming people skills

·         What forms a first impression?

·         Why should I handle customers concerns?

·         The communicating process

·         Effective listening

·         Visitor needs

·         The value of tourism

·         Personalised key commitments

·         Topics to avoid

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