Asbestos Awareness Category A

Asbestos Awareness Category A (ASBA)


Asbestos Awareness Category A

Asbestos is an incredibly hazzardous substance that can cause serious health problems if it is not correctly handled. This course will cover how to correctly deal with the substance in a working day to ensure that it is not disturbed causing dangerous consequences. For this reason anyone who is likely to disturb asbestos in their work must have an awareness of the correct health and safety procedure to follow. Asbestos awareness (Category A) training helps workers to understand the risks assoviated with the materal so that they can avoid work that may disturb asbestos. This IATP approved asbestos awareness course provides a comprehensive introduction to the dangers of working with asbestos and helps employers to cpmply with the law by ensuring that their workers are appropriately trained in order to work safely.


This is an on-line course that Toods Leap training  can provide, to ensure that workers who encure asbestos thorugh their working day or those who may disturb it, the course will give training that ensure that workers are able to acknowledge the risks involved and work correctly around it to ensure the risk is limited. 

The on-line course complies with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012,

It has been developed by health and safety professionals,

The course is accreditied by CPD,

Certificate delivered via post.



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