Lantra Awards Off Road Driving courses

Lantra Awards Off Road Driving courses (ORD)


Lantra Awards Off Road Driving courses

Off road driving requires a high level of ability and skill, especially if driving off road is a part of your working life. Todds Leap training offer a certified course which will provide you with the skills, knowledge and understanding to drive off road in a safe and confident way. We provide you with an experienced instructor/s who will guide you through the course ensuring that all areas are covered.

Todds Leap off road course is one of the best in Ireland. It was specially constructed by experienced off road drivers.. The track covers an area of approximately 100 acres. It combines mud, streams, hills, slopes and steep inclines and caters for complete beginners as well as more experienced off road drivers.


Who is it for?

Todds Leap off road driving course is suitable for the off road enthusiast or professional driver who operates 4x4 vehicles, and those who want to gain recognised certification for it. As long you hold a current driving licence and are able to demonstrate that you are a capable driver.


Todds Leap Training offer a wide range of Lantra Awards accredited off-road driving courses.

Lantra Awards 4x4 Professional Off Road Driving 2 day (assessed course)

Lantra Awards 4x4 Recreational Off Road Driving 1 day (non assessed course)

Lantra Awards 4x4 Experienced Off Road Driving 1 day (assessed course)


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