Rodenticides (ROD)





Rodents have the potential to carry diseases that can cause harm and damage to people, buildings and food products; while the use of rodenticides is an effective method of controlling rodents, these can present very real risks to people and the environment.


Legislation surrounding the use of rodenticides is set to change later this year. The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) recently launched a Rodenticide Stewardship Regime for the UK to ensure that risks from rodenticide use are properly managed. From 1 April 2017, anyone who wants to control rodents in a commercial environment, or undertake pest control in land-based or related industries - such as professional pest controllers, farmers, gamekeepers and those working in the food industry - will need to comply with the requirements of stewardship to access professional quantities of products (those who are part of a relevant farm assurance scheme have until December 2017 to comply).


At Todds Leap we offer quality Lantra courses in rodenticides;


*Lantra Awards Responsible and Effective Control of Commensal Rodents course*


*Lantra Awards Rodent Control on Farms course*

Both courses, which are approved by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) Training and Certification Working Group, have been designed to help people plan and implement rat and mouse control. The courses provide a full working knowledge of both preventive and curative methods for a control programme to be planned, executed and monitored.

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