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Farm Safety (FS)


Farm Safety

Faming is a vital part of Northern Ireland as it provides employment to nearly forty seven thousand people, on the 1st of May 2013 the health and safety minister and Minister for agriculture launched a new farm safety partnership this aims for all workers in this industry to be safe. We at Todds Leap are now offering a new course that will allow all workers in this industry to fully understand the dangers in the industry and how to avoid dangers.


The course will cover four main sections:

Working with Slurry: 

Working with Slurry has over the last two years claimed six people’s lives, our course allows you to fully understand what the implications are of working with slurry are and how to avoid the dangers of working with it.


In a 10 year period 18 people have lost their lives working with animals we aim to offer a course that will prevent this figure from rising; we will help the workers to fully understand how to work with all types of livestock and how to deal with them properly to prevent injuries.


Preventing falls from heights with carrying out maintenance is presenting an ever growing danger, as most accidents happen whilst buildings are being built and being maintained, our training course will allow you to confidently carry out these checks so that you are not at risk other are at risk.


The machinery that is now readily available for farmers use has grown over the years but so has the risk involved.  In more than 1in 3 Farm related deaths equipment is involved, a lot of the equipment that is being used can also cause life changing effects on the user such as loss of limbs..



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