Tractor Training

Tractor Training (TRT)


Tractor Training

The Todds Leap/Lantra Tractor training course is designed increase driver awareness on and off the road, giving the confidence to tow and handle a large trailer.

Tractor Training and the Law

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER ) require employers to provide adequate training and to ensure that tractors are only driven by employees who have received the appropriate certified training in their safe use.


The Todds Leap Tractor Training Course Content:

• Preparation and Maintenance

• Safe driving and handling of a tractor

• Fitting and operation of PTO 's

• Basic use of a tractor and mounted loader

• Safe procedure and observation

• Hitching/manoeuvring with trailed implements

• Hitching/manoeuvring with mounted Implements


The course can last from 1 – 5 days depending on the candidates experience


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