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  • Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting (CS30)
    Chainsaws and allied cutting equipment are very versatile tools with a variety of uses; they are also potentially very dangerous. Serious accidents can and occur without proper training, or because operators have not kept their skills up to scratch. Proper training isn’t essential but is a legal req..
  • Chainsaw Training - Felling and processing trees up to 380mm (CS31)
    Felling and Processing trees up to 380mm (CS31) This course covers site safety and risk assessment, assessing individual trees for hazards, standard felling cuts, and specialist cuts for trees which lean backward slightly or lean forward severely. Inevitably trees will sometimes get hun..
  • Pesticide training
    Pesticides have many benefits, including helping to make sure we have enough good-quality, reasonably priced food; make sure we have clean urban environments and good transport networks and they control invasive species. However using pesticides incorrectly can put people and the environment at ris..